Accu+Plus has 2 milling machines on premises along with 2 3Shapes Scanners. The T1 and 4820 milling systems from Weiland and D700 3Shapes scanner are the most innovative, high performance CAD/CAM technology available today.

The T1 is the only one of its kind in Canada. These systems allow fabrication of copings, large span bridges, Maryland bridges, temp crowns, inlays/onlays, full contour crowns, implant abutments and milled implant bars. The milling system is compatible with a variety of different scanning systems. These milling systems allow Accu+Plus to mill the following materials Zirconia, Titanium, Non-Precious, Plastic and Wax.

In early 2011 the T1 milling system will also allow fabrication of models and will be compatible with most intraoral impression and model scanners.

*We accept all digital impression systems*
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