FlexiteFlexite® is a highly flexible thermoplastic, monomer free, hypo-allergenic material. Flexite dentures are a great alternative for traditional metal clasps. Flexite plastics are esthetically superior to all other plastics.



SR-Ivocap® injection processing system is highly shock and fracture resistant, precision fit, excellent polish ability, non- porous and outstanding bond with resin teeth. SR-Ivocap is great for full and partial dentures.



Duracetal® clasps are flexible, retentive, strong, durable tooth colored clasps.  Duracetal is a great alternative for traditional metal clasps.  Duracetal matches standard vita shade guides.

Full/Partial Dentures

Completed Cast Partial Dentures

All of our full and partial acrylic dentures are fabricated utilizing high impact heat cured acrylic. In addition, Sr-Ivocap and Flexite processing technique are available upon request.

Cast Partials

Cast Partial Dentures

Our cast partial frameworks are fabricated on site – no outsourcing to other labs.

We use a light weight, superior strength, high quality alloy called NobilStar Ultra (see chart below for a comparison).

This alloy is nickel and beryllium free, comparable to vitallium and chrome cobalt.

Nobilstar Ultra vs Vitallium

Clear Splint Night Guards

Hard nightguard

Clear splint night guards, are fabricated with a thermoplastic material that is self- adjusting when placed in warm water before inserting in the mouth. Allergy problems are eliminated since clear splint has no methyl methacrylate. Improved strength and wear ability for bruxism patients.

Sports Mouthguards

Proform sports mouthguards

Proform® sports mouthguards are available in wide variety of colours, single, double and triple colours, including multi-colour mix for favourite team colours. Call for available colour combinations.

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